Our Technology

How We Match Our Colors

The 3M® PPS® Sun Gun® Color Matching Light is used throughout our painting process. This allows us to check for imperfections such as pinholes or scratches. This prevents repaints saving you time and money.




Spray Guns

At George Paint & Body, we stay up to date with the top of the line technologies in our industry. Our spray guns uses maximum effect by deploying specific adhesive to achieve the most optimal transfer efficiency.

Tekna Spray Guns Provides:

  • Power - Optimal atomization of all coatings including base and clears
  • Performance - Transfer efficiency equal to or better than HVLP
  • Control - Superior metallic control, with slicker clears
  • Versatility - 1.2mm and 1.3mm set ups
  • Value - Includes digital air adjusting valve

Sata Spray Guns Provides:

  • State-of-the-art technology providing a soft spray pattern
  • Outstanding atomization for excellent finishes
  • A uniform and perfectly shaped spray fan
  • High transfer efficiency rates, due to its low pressure technology
  • Highest color match precision


Envirobase® Paint

We Care About the Environment and Our Employees

We are proud to say that George's Paint & Body is the first repair shop in Bryan/College Station and surrounding areas to implement environmentally friendly, high performance waterborne paint technology.

The use of waterborne paint technology is creating a safer work environment for our employees and reducing our carbon footprint by lowering the emissions of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) thus improving air quality and our environment.

Our technicians are specifically trained in the application of waterborne paint.

We use premium waterborne paint products from trusted industry leaders.

There are many benefits to using waterborne paint. Going Green does not mean that we are sacrificing quality.

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