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How It Works

We use the latest technology for structural repair, frame straightening and detecting misalignments to restore the vehicle to its pre-loss condition.

When painting a car or painting a truck, the work is quite a huge and complicated. If this is not done correctly, it can cause a series of more serious problems. Painting a vehicle requires time and many steps to make the vehicle look new again. It requires an extensive process for preparing the vehicle, painting, and a thorough inspection during the whole work.

Our Process

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Vehicle Drop Off

  • Keys Tagged

  • Photos Taken of Vehicle

  • Parts Ordered

  • Work Orders Distributed

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  • Vehicle Assigned to Technician

  • Technician Inspects Repairs

  • Vehicle Disassembled

  • Repair Begins

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Prep for Paint

  • Sand

  • Prime

  • Bodywork Inspected

  • Final Prime

  • Tape and Cover Car

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  • Pull into Paint Booth

  • Color and Clear Spray

  • Paint Cured

  • Color, Sand and Buff

  • Pinstripe

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Reassembly & Trim-Out

  • Installation of Accessories

  • Mechanical suspension (if applicable)

  • Mechanical suspension (if applicable)

  • Electrical/Noise

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  • Wash Vehicle

  • Vacuum

  • Clean Windows

number 7.png

Quality Assurance

  • Inspect

  • Test Drive

  • Call Customer

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Return to Customer

  • Customer picks up vehicle

  • Warranty and Final Estimate given

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How to Care For Your New Paint Job

First 30 Days

Do not use a commercial car wash unless it is a touch less car wash. Stiff brushes can damage the surface.


-It is best to wash your vehicle by hand with car wash soap. Never use dish washing detergent because it is harsh and can scratch the paint.


- Never dry wipe your vehicle. It can scratch the finish. Use clean water to wash and rinse.


- Keep your vehicle parked in the shade whenever possible.


- Try to avoid gravel roads. Chipping the finish is easily done during the first 30 days.

How to Care For Your New Paint Job

First 30 Days

- Bird droppings need to be washed off immediately. The acid content quickly erodes paint, especially a freshly painted surface.

- Do not park under trees that drop sap.

- If you accidentally spill gasoline, oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid or windshield solvent, immediately rinse off with water.
Do not wipe.​

First 90 Days

Do not wax or polish your vehicle. This allows time for your paint to completely harden.
Never use wax or polish containing silicone.

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