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Auto Body Repair

The proper repair of collision damage is critical to the safety and performance of your vehicle. Each vehicle is repaired to factory specifications and to pre-accident condition. Each member of our team invests countless hours of high level professional training every year in order to be completely up to date on the latest trends, technologies and tools to more efficiently service your vehicle. Their credentials include the industry's coveted I-CAR Gold.  You can trust our auto collision repair team because they are the best in the industry, plain and simple.

What You Should Know Before Repairing Your Vehicle

--Protect your safety and the value of your vehicle by having it repaired professionally by certified technicians.

--Please do not risk driving a vehicle that may be unsafe due to damages.

--An insurance company may ask you to have an estimate written at their drive-in claims center. You can do this, or you can leave your vehicle at our repair facility and request that the insurance company write your estimate at our location.

--If you have never been in an accident you may think that you must have several estimates written at the request of the insurance company, however you should know that there is no law requiring you to do so.

-- Estimates differences are common. A lower estimate may mean that not all work needed to repair your vehicle was included. Please ask us if you have received an estimate from us that is different from another repair facility or insurance company.

--By law you have the right to choose the repair shop that you want to repair your vehicle. The insurance company cannot require you to go to one particular shop, they can only recommend a repair shop. Because of our dedication to quality and great customer service, many insurance companies do recommend George’s Paint & Body as their quality collision repair shop of choice.

--If you are told that it may cost you more to choose a shop that has not been recommended by the insurance company; that is simply not the case when you choose us to repair your vehicle. We follow the repair and cost guidelines of the estimate written by the insurance company. If additional damage or differences in the prices of parts are found, we apply for approval and a supplemental payment from the insurance company. Documentation is provided as required. We have established ourselves with the insurance companies as an honest and reputable repair shop; therefore, applying for approval of additional work and payment for such work is not a difficult process. There is no additional cost to you. We are happy to help in negotiating your claim.

--Choose a repair facility that uses uni-body equipment, the latest repair and painting technology and certified technicians.

--Make sure the shop you are choosing offers a lifetime warranty. 

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